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Rendered Useless: Mary Rand

Mary Rand's part from Rendered Useless from rendered useless on Vimeo.

Holy smokes Mary put down an amazing part in the streets this year. Stepping to some massive kinks and exploring the world of one footed ‘Scottyesque’ maneuvers, this is Mary’s best part yet hands down. Although you can watch Mary’s part free now, I must say the entire movie is a must watch and everyone needs a hard copy as well!

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Yawgoon: Dylan Gamache


If you have met Dylan than you already know he is a very unique individual. He is quiet and calculated and when he speaks you listen. People would generally call him humble but that doesn’t do it justice. He doesn’t care mostly about himself the way other humans do by nature, he cares about things that truly matter. Dylan is an inspiration. He has many other talents, but right now what you need to do is watch him FUCK SHIT UP on his snowboard 🙂 enjoy!

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